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Throughout the year Stockade hosts Muay Thai, Kali, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu seminars led by professionals who are experts in their discipline. Typically seminars are between two to three hours long beginning with a meet and greet with your instructor followed by a warm up. We encourage you to attend with a friend or partner with whom you train with so you can apply what you've learned in your training together. You will be paired up with a partner if attending solo (which many people do). Your seminar host will cover various techniques in-depth and train with you and the group throughout the session. Depending on your instructor your host may spend time sparring or rolling with a few students before wrapping up with a Q & A session.

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Training blades, training sticks and sarongs. Two hour seminar. All levels welcome.



Refining the basic techniques and correct common mistakes to help you improve your speed, power, and accuracy in striking.


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