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Kali is a Filipino martial art form that incorporates open-hands, stick, and weapons-based training from the Philippines. Filipino martial arts are considered the most advanced practical modern blade system in the world and are core components of the United States Special Forces Military training as well as for many other elite forces around the world. Through the use of safe nerf-like sticks and protective gear, our Kali ninjas work on the timing, accuracy, foot work, and angular stick work needed to master this exceptional martial art and self-defense system.

Stockade muay thai kali martial arts


Stockade's online beginner Kali training database for kids with tutorials, classes, drills and workouts. 

In-person Training

Training Library

Our kids membership includes access to Stockade's online training library. Our  beginner database contains our progressive, step-by-step Beginner Kali curriculum designed specifically for youth ages 5 to 12. Students can access detailed tutorials, helpful training drills, workouts, and intensive classes led by our professional coaching team. Members join us weekly for live online classes and are invited to join us once our regular in-person classes resume at our studio. Students receive individualized coach feed back (via video) once per month while in-person classes are postponed.

Weekly schedule of of in-studio classes at Stockade.

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