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Kali is is the ancient martial art of the Philippines that focuses on the ability to transition from fighting with weapons to empty hands fluidly, as there is always the possibility of losing or being without a weapon. Kali practitioners are known for their lightning-fast movements and efficient footwork in wielding weapons. Kali is unique in its emphasis on fluidity and improvisation and above all, practicality. It is these aspects which make it an effective and intellectually stimulating art.


Our Kali program incorporates weapons and empty hand training and is a complete art. This diverse and well rounded martial art has everything to offer. Students learn strategies, and techniques that allow them to become proficient in many areas. Students learn the use of single stick, double sticks, stick and dagger, and edged weapons as well as one of the most complete empty-hand systems in martial arts.  Students of all levels train together. 



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Stockade Library

Members gain access to Stockade's exclusive online training library with step-by-step tutorials created to help students master the fundamentals of Kali. 

  • Complete Beginner Course access 

  • Precise tutorials

  • Graduated program design

  • Work at your own pace

  • Customizable workouts

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Members have access to our schedule of live Zoom classes held daily. Don't worry if you miss class! Students have access to our database of pre-recorded classes. 

Live Online Classes

  • Live classes 5 days a week

  • Access to our class database

  • Access to our Kali Library


Outdoor & In-Studio Classes

Our coaches have designed short and precise drills and workouts to help members stay active and excel in their training. 

  • Exclusive training tutorials

  • Short, customizable workouts

  • Drills to sharpen your technique

  • Stretch & Warm up drills

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At this time Stockade offers indoor and outdoor group Kali training in Kingston and New Paltz. Students interested in attending must reserve their spot in class  a drop-in class rate applies.

  • Reserve your spot before class.  Drop-in fee applies. 

  • Non-Members can drop-in. Register here. (Pre-registration required)

  • All outdoor classes will be added to our class Library for easy access.

***REQUIRED GEAR You will need only three (3) items of equipment to begin training. (2 Rattan Sticks, 2 Rubber Knives & Safety Glasses) You will need to purchase some limited additional equipment once you gain more proficiency & skill.

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