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"Everyone helps each other out and that makes the time go by so  fast. Sparing is always so much fun, everyone has a good tempo the vibe is simply right. We are all getting work done, but working with the utmost control and I believe that control comes from Coach JJ and Coach Chris."       

                                                                       ~M. Martinez, Member                                                                                                                           





Coach JJ began training Muay Thai and Pekiti-Tirsia Kali with Arjan Simon Burgess in 1999 and then later at Five Points Academy in New York City beginning in 2002. Prior to running Stockade Muay Thai, JJ owned and operated Black & Blue Mixed Martial Arts in Kingston, New York for nearly a decade with Nolan Dutcher. Throughout his career JJ has coached many accomplished amateur and professional Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts fighters that have competed nationally and internationally at the highlest levels of the sport. JJ is a dedicated and hands-on instructor that is devoted to helping his students improve at all skill levels.



Coach Michelle has been training Muay Thai for eight years under the instruction of Coach JJ. She currently holds an amateur record of one win and one loss.  She also trains in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and won second place at Naga's Battle of the Beach 2009 bantam weight division.  She is an orange belt in Tenshinkan karate and won the kumite novice division, Michelle is also well versed in boxing and is a certified yoga instructor.



Arjan Simon has trained in Southeast Asian martial arts since 1987. An expatriate Brit, he twice represented England in international competition in the Philippines. After relocating to the United States, Simon captured the World Kickboxing Association US Super lightweight Amateur belt.


He owns and operates Five Points Academy in NYC, and is a certified instructor under Guro Bob Breen and the British Kali Escnma Association, Tuhon Bill McGrath and Pikiti Tersia International, a Senior Instructor under former WKA World Champion Edge Brown , a Kru of the International Muay Thai Association under the world famous Grandmaster Toddy.  Simon was promoted to the rank of Guro by Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje, Jr. of the Pekiti Tirsia Global Organization. He continues to advance under Tuhon Tim Waid of PTK-SMF™.  Simon also holds the rank of Arjan (Master) under the direction of Grandmaster Chansadeth “Cheetah” Chantanao.



A former champion gymnast, Coach Chris has been training and fighting Muay Thai with Coach JJ since 2009. He is a former 2X amateur Muay Thai champion (USMTA and Take On Productions). He is currently signed with GLORY Promotions. He has a record of 18 wins 6 losses (pro record 9 wins 2 loss).


Coach Sean is a New Paltz native who started training Muay Thai in 2008 at Black and Blue Mixed Martial Arts in Kingston with Coach JJ. Sean's current amateuer record is 18-5 and he holds the TKO and WKA US national title at 145lbs. Sean recently returned from a long stint in Thailand where he lived and trained. Sean is also the owner of the popluar website Muay Thai Guy dedicated to helping all muay thai fans improve their training.



Coach Steve is a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter and an experienced grappler. Steve holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Nolan Dutcher at Black and Blue Mixed Martial Arts. He studies under Luigi Mondelli a Professor 3rd degree American Top Team Black Belt at Kore BJJ Martial Arts. 

"If you can’t get something right, no one will leave you hanging. Someone is always there to help you get it right, and you’ll always leave the gym feeling good."   


                                                                ~ D. Hammond, Member


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