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Stockade Muay Thai



Physical training helps us strengthen our bodies, but it also improves the health and performance of our brains by sharpening cognition, increasing memory, and enhancing our ability to concentrate. Children in our martial arts programs learn as a group with children of different ages, abilities, and skill levels working together to overcome challenges, meet training goals, and support each other's progress. Together, students master the techniques necessary to advance in Muay Thai and Kali while increasing their strength and coordination and developing a healthy sense of confidence and self-discipline.

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Muay Thai is referred to as “The Art of Eight Limbs” as it is characterized by the combined use of fists, elbows, knees, and shins. Students have the opportunity to safely study the precise and elegant martial art of Muay Thai under the guidance of our professional athletes and coaches. 

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Stockade Muay Thai Nok Bots


Kali is a Filipino martial art form that incorporates open-hands, stick, and weapons-based training from the Philippines. Through the use of safe nerf-like sticks and protective gear, our Kali ninjas work on the timing, accuracy, foot work, and angular stick work needed to master this exceptional martial art and self-defense system.

Nok Bots is a S.T.E.A.M Club hosted by Stockade Muay Thai, where kids learn to move and move to learn. Our martial arts school transforms into a laboratory of experimentations where students explore  science, technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics while using their bodies as a tool for learning. 


Students age 6+ train with us twice a week.

Members receive once-per-month instructor feedback via video with tips and advice to further each student's individual progress. 

Includes membership in our STEAM Club's biking group for monthly rides in the Hudson Valley.

Special discounts on Nok Bots Lego programs.

Homeschool / Co-op Group

Individual Membership

Students train with us once per week. We create a customized martial arts program designed specifically for your group of 4 or more children ages 6+. 


Students receive once-per-month instructor feedback via video with tips and advice to further each student's individual progress. 

Includes membership in our STEAM Club's biking group for monthly rides in the Hudson Valley.


We aim to offer a safe, productive, and dynamic learning environment for kids. Please review our gym policy before enrolling in our program.


_Remove shoes before entering the matted areas of the gym.

_Bring bottled water to class.

_Remove all jewelry.

_Bring appropriate gear for class (gloves, shin guards, and comfortable clothes).


_Students cannot spar without permission from head instructor or without an instructor present.

_Students must be respectful to the instructor and fellow students.

_Foul language or talking back to the instructor will not be tolerated.

_We reserve the right to delay or deny membership to students who are not yet mature enough to engage for the full hour program, or who are overly disruptive or disrespectful to other students or coaching staff. 


Due to our limited space our martial arts programs are drop-off only. Each month we invite parents to join us for the last 30 minutes of their child's class. This is a wonderful opportunity for parents and their children to celebrate their child's progress. Parent Week is held the last week of each month. 


We offer classes on Monday and Wednesday. We offer two membership options: 1 class per week or two classes per week. If certain classes become too crowded, which they often do, we may close that day to new students until space becomes available. 


Students who have missed their weekly class can make-up that class by emailing or calling to schedule a make up class. Students cannot exceed more than one make-up class per month.


Parents who wish to wait for their child(ren) to complete class may do so by the reception area. Parents, siblings, and visitors are not permitted on the matted areas of the gym while class is in session. 


Our studio is small. Please, no cell phone use in the gym. Loud conversations and phone calls are distracting to students and instructors. We appreciate your cooperation. 

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