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Self-achievement in the gym will translate into accomplishment outside of the gym. Physical training helps us strengthen our bodies, but it also improves the health and performance of our brains by sharpening cognition, increasing memory, and enhancing our ability to concentrate.


Children in our Muay Thai program learn in a group setting with children of different ages, abilities, and skill levels working together to overcome challenges, meet training goals, and support each other's progress. Together, students master the techniques necessary to advance in Muay Thai while increasing their coordination and developing a healthy sense of confidence.

Stockade Muay Thai Kingston Hudson Valle


Stockade's online beginner training database for kids with tutorials, classes, drills and workouts. 

In-person Training

Training Library

Our kids membership includes in-studio training once per week and access to Stockade's online training library. Our beginner database contains our progressive, step-by-step beginner Muay Thai curriculum designed specifically for youth ages 5 to 12. Students and parents can access detailed tutorials and helpful training drills to practice at home. Students receive individualized coach feed back via video once per month to keep track of your child's progression. 

Weekly schedule of of in-studio classes at Stockade.

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